January Blues: Three self portraits – 1


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Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

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January Blues: Three self portraits – 1


These three were painted in a week where it rained incessantly.

In fact, it rained relentlessly for three months. Andalucia crumbled; land slid, houses flooded, bridges were swept away, and all wooden doors and windows either rotted or swelled to the extent that they would not close.

I sat at my kitchen table, mirror precariously perched, and let my face release its weight into my hand.

I was not attempting my likeness but grumpiness. I squashed my face because I was fed-up. Fed up with the rain, and fed up with there being so little time ever left over for me to paint.

However, it also reminded me of a funny dance we once choreographed which was all about face pulling and squashing. So other than depicting my obvious ill humour with the weather, they are also a
remembrance of many amusing hours spent rehearsing the dance sequence.

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